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Top Loaders for Cards & Penny Sleeves Bundle - 100 Toploaders & 100 Penny Sleeves

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  • Protect your trading cards with our premium pokemon card protector that are sized to fit Yugioh, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and most sports cards! Handmade & Machine-cut from rigid, semi-clear plastic with an added scratch resistant peel-off layer ensures your valuable trading cards will stay in mint condition throughout storage. Top loaders work great with plastic sleeves for cards to keep each trading card completely safe while they are inside of a collection box.
  • Ultra clear top loaders are a perfect way to display and protect your trading cards. Affordable and completely transparent, our rigid, sports card holder can protect against dirt, scuffs, scratches, and fingerprints that could damage your valuable trading cards and lower their value.
  • Whether you are looking to protect trading cards from a fresh Pokemon Booster Box or Panini Prizm box, display your collections in their finest, or buy bulk for storage; House of Hobby is proud to introduce our 3" x 4" Premium Card Holders for Trading Cards. Handmade & Machine-cut to ensure the highest quality and best protection for your trading cards. With 100 card sleeves hard plastic (25 per pack), our baseball card protectors will keep your card game protected for a long time.
  • Ultra transparent card protectors hard plastic measure 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" (which are normal toploaders 3x4 regular) which fits the standard size of most sets of Yu Gi Oh cards, Pokemon packs, NFL trading cards, NBA cards, and more! No need to look any further as you found the best football card holder and baseball card holders hard plastic on the market. Combine the top loader with our House of Hobby Premium Hard Card Sleeves and baseball card holder to keep your collection in like-new condition!
  • Whether you collect football cards, Pokemon cards, baseball cards, Magic: The Gathering, basketball cards, Yugioh cards, soccer cards, hockey cards and most standard sized trading cards; House of Hobby is here for you. Don't let your collection get ruined with bent corners, faded colors or mishandling. Our premium Pokemon card sleeves hard plastic with protect those vivid colors!



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